Selasa, Ogos 30, 2016

Bodleian sebagai sebuah perpustakaan

'The central library at Oxford was reborn between 1598 and 1602 when the indefatigable Thomas Badley refurnished it with two library necessities: stacks and books. Bodley had traveled on the continent many times, both as a private citizen and as government envoy, and he knew the best sources of books and manuscripts. Thomas James was selected as the first librarian of the new library that was to become known as the 'Bodleian'. James issued the first printed catalog of the lib...rary, numbering about 2,000 titles, in 1605. When Bodley died in 1613, he endowed the library further and its growth since that date has been continuous. Some of the college libraries at Oxford had survived the purges of the mid-16th century, others were reconstituted, and as new colleges were formed, each of them began with a library of its own.'

Reference: Michael H. Harriss.1984. History of Libraries in the Western World. USA: The Scarecrow Press Inc. P.133

* Picture: books about book, library and librarianship. Very informative. Currently re-reading for xxth time

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